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Adafruit's new Internet of Things Printer goes wireless, uses Raspberry Pi (video)

Alexis Santos

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Adafruit's just outed a new Internet of Things Printer kit that's traded in its ethernet connection for WiFi. Instead of using an Arduino Uno like its wired sibling, the new DIY hardware is built with a Raspberry Pi Model B running Raspbian Linux. Programmed in Python, the software on the box wields the Python Imaging Library, which gives folks flexibility when it comes to typography and graphics, and can leverage the language's raft of libraries. If you're not in the mood for coding, however, the contraption brings a few sample applications that'll print out daily weather reports, sudoku puzzles, tweets and images on 2.25-inch wide receipt paper. The project rings up at $189 -- $100 above its predecessor -- but it isn't up for sale quite yet.

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