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Early-backer GameStick consoles delayed to June, dev units now shipping

Joe Pollicino

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Fancied PlayJams' GameStick Android gaming console enough to back it on Kickstarter earlier this year? The good news is that Dev units have been shipping to the roughly 600 who signed up, with the remaining ones set to head out within a week. The bad news? The early-backer versions are now set to arrive at doorsteps in late June instead of April because of high-demand, according to PlayJam. As its latest Kickstarter update details, the units will need stronger tooling than the silicon-based molds of the dev units to ensure that "tens of thousands" of them can be successfully made. Additionally, this will apparently force the company to ship these larger factory yields via sea transport rather than air, which also slows things down.

A case of success causing slowdowns it seems. Hopefully not much longer than these new estimates, too -- while this breakout underdog is set to hit retailers like GameStop, that other Android-based console, OUYA, is already shipping out to backers -- and its retail units are planned in June. You'll find the full update from PlayJam at the source link.

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