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Purported Galaxy S 4 Zoom flaunts its profile in multiple leaks

Zachary Lutz

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Samsung is no stranger to teasing its fans, and with expectations running high that it'll introduce a true cameraphone -- the Galaxy S 4 Zoom -- in London on June 20th, you'll have to forgive us for being more than curious for what's in store. We've already seen a hint of such a device at the FCC, but now it seems that we may be looking at the hybrid phone / camera in all its eyebrow-raising glory. Thanks to SamMobile and TechTastic, we're treated to purported renders and "in the wild" shots of the Galaxy S 4 Zoom, which line up with expectations that it'll be based on the Galaxy S 4 Mini. If this is the real deal, in addition to similar specs, it seems that we can expect a dedicated shutter button on the righthand side, which is situated below a volume rocker that's said to activate the camera's optical zoom lens. On the opposing side of the cameraphone, you'll find a dedicated tripod mount. Could this be an intentional leak in response to a similar outing from Nokia? Only time will tell, but we hope to know for sure in the coming days.

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