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Snapchat iOS update discreetly adds replay, filters and overlays for weather, time or speed


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And suddenly, moments shared over Snapchat were a little less fleeting. The service is known for only allowing you to watch a shared image or video once, and only for a second, but the app's latest iOS update changes everything: now you can replay pictures or videos. The feature is hidden in the application's additional services menu (and comes with no explanation of what it does, exactly), but it allows users to replay old Snaps at the rate of one a day. While this doesn't quite make Snaps public, it does make them a bit more enduring. Users who tend to create Snaps of a more ...personal nature may want to think twice before sharing.

The application's other updates are a bit less game changing. Users can now apply "Smart Filters" to their images, which overlay your Snaps with data including current weather, time, or the speed they're traveling, along with new visual filters (swipe from right to left to activate them) and text options. The app has even added a "front-facing flash," but don't get too excited -- it just flashes a bright white image on your smartphone's screen as you capture a poorly-lit selfie. Itching to update? Check out that iTunes link below.

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