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Samsung's new TV remote for 2014 has a new pebble shape, 80 percent smaller touchpad


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Samsung couldn't wait for CES to start leaking information about its new HDTVs, starting with the remote. After rolling out larger and larger contraptions over the years with more buttons (on both sides, even), this year's "Smart Control" model has a touchpad that is 80 percent smaller than the 2013 version. That control is in the middle (adjusted from the 2012 and 2013 versions, shown in this infographic) which, combined with a new button layout, integrated microphone and gesture control -- similar to LG's Magic Remote, among others -- promises to make controlling apps and content even easier. We've heard these claims before, and its pebble shape is very similar to the Panasonic Viera Touch remote introduced a couple of years ago, but we're for anything that's simpler than Samsung's previous remotes.

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