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It's Tuesday, which is time for the Engadget HD Podcast and we hope you'll join us for the live recording at 9:30PM. The non-stop onslaught of conferences are actually over, so we're back to the regular topics; the FCC and new streaming options. There are a few other items of note we'll be covering on the show tonight too, like a leaked Slingbox, IMAX 4K in 3D and a look back at the CGI that changed Cinema. Finally, we'll finish the show by discussing what we're watching this week, as usual. If you'll be joining us, take a peek at the topics after the break and then get ready to participate in the live chat.

FCC demands that states get out of the way of municipal broadband
The FCC is looking into Netflix's issues with Comcast and Verizon
Clarification: Does Xbox One have 10% more horsepower without Kinect?
Qplay's video streaming service is now on Chromecast
Netflix is shutting down its API, but helpers like InstantWatcher aren't going away
Netflix's website is suddenly sporting a fresh logo and brighter background
This is the next Slingbox, with WiFi in a smaller (and probably cheaper) box
Like it or not, your Comcast Xfinity router may now be a WiFi hotspot
IMAX shows why its 4K camera could get you watching 3D movies again
A look at how 'Jurassic Park' and its CGI dinosaurs changed cinema
Amazon stops taking movie pre-orders in pricing battle with Warner Bros.
Amazon lines up a drama from writers behind Braveheart and Lost
'Breaking Bad' hits Netflix in 4K today
What's on your HDTV this week: World Cup, 'Fargo' finale, 'True Blood' premiere

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