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Hackers make Xbox One's Kinect work on a PC


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Microsoft famously said the Xbox One Kinect wouldn't work on a PC, but hackers have already done the trick mere days after the release of the Kinect for Windows v2.0 SDK. As shown in the video below, they managed to rewire a USB 3.0 cable to pair it with a laptop, giving them access to the depth sensor. The pair work at Hyperkin (which happens to sell gaming accessories), and plan to make a retail version of the cable available. Kinect for Windows 2.0 is already up for pre-order, but such a cable could be handy if you can't wait to get one, or don't want to splurge for a redundant Kinect. The Xbox 360's sensor was hacked in a similar way, but the Kinect 2's hardware is far more powerful. On a PC, it could function as a motion capture device or map a 3D environment, to name just a few examples -- far more interesting applications than Just Dance.

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