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Sony's next smartphone-mounted camera will let you change lenses


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If you're looking to rule Instagram, Sony's about to give you the ultimate smartphone weapon, judging by a leak from Xperia Blog. The site posted several purported images of the Sony ILCE-QX1, a lens camera system that'd work with interchangeable E-Mount style lenses. Sony's niche-oriented lens camera lineup is currently fixed-lens only with the QX10 and QX100 models. The QX100, for instance, is based on Sony's fantastic RX100 camera and priced for serious smartphone photographers at $500. Assuming the rumor pans out, the QX1 would have an even larger APS-C (26.7mm) sensor and take compatible E-Mount lenses. There are no other specs, but as before, we'd expect that your smartphone will control the QX1 and capture images from it, with a mount that adapts to a wide variety of handsets. It'll also likely have a built-in memory card. There's no pricing yet, but as a rule, interchangeable-lens cameras are usually more expensive than fixed-lens models. Then again, Sony tends to break that rule.

Update: Oh, and yes, that phone in the images appears to be the alleged Xperia Z3 that we spotted back in July.

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