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Sony's new 4K projectors: choose between 'cheap' or lasers


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Sure we can spend all day at CES checking out ridiculously large UHD TVs, but if you want to max out your home theater then a projector is the only way to go. Luckily, Sony has two fresh choices here at CES 2015 if you can afford them. First up is its VPL-VW350ES, which qualifies as the value option by bringing its 4K capabilities for under $10,000 -- hardly cheap, but until now the cheapest option has been the $15,000 VPL-VW600ES. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the laser-powered VPL-GTZ1. We saw it last year as a part of the Life Space UX concept, but for the last few months, New York's well-heeled customers have been able to pick one up for just $50,000. Naturally, Sony brought two of them to CES, showing off their "ultra short-throw ability" to beam a 4K image on a wall from just a few inches away. Perhaps the perfect choice for someone with more money than space, we will sadly have to pass on taking either one home, for now.

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