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Control the 'GTA V' cellphone with an iPhone, Arduino and a hack


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Grand Theft Auto V has a few mobile apps of its own, but one enterprising modder has taken the idea to its natural conclusion: an application that lets you control the in-game cellphone with an iPhone. With the application you can scroll through text messages on-screen, peep your current list of objectives and, among other things, even control the in-game phone's camera. The YouTube video's description (spotted by former Joystiq'r Dave Hinkle) does't offer much by way of details other than it's running on an Arduino Leonardo with an Ethernet shield connected to a PC, sadly.

And whether or not the app's creator will release this to the public isn't exactly clear at this point, either. Perhaps if you ask nicely enough in the video's comments section that could happen. If anything, it looks a whole lot more practical than grinding in an app to train protagonist Franklin's dog. Maybe best of all? You likely don't have to worry about remembering your Rockstar Social Club password to use it.

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