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Google finds a way to make ordering delivery food even lazier


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You know the delivery drill. When you're feeling peckish, the first thing you do is search for open restaurants in your area, but then you have to close search, open a separate food delivery app, find the restaurant again there, and finally place your order. That's a lot of work just to order a pizza (but clearly still not enough to make you pick up the phone). Google, however, has announced an easier, more integrated means of ordering your next meal. According to the official Google Blog, the search engine now recognizes when you're looking for something to eat and will offer a "Place an order" option within the search results. Click on that and Google Search will prompt you to select one of six applicable delivery apps -- Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and -- which immediately launches and loads the restaurant's menu for your perusal. Sure, you'll still have to wait 45 minutes for your food to actually get there, but at least this new system saves a couple of clicks.

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