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Vinyl fans rejoice: Discogs finally has a dedicated mobile app


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For whatever reason, it took until now for Discogs, the internet's premiere destination for record collectors, to get an app of its own. Sure, iOS users have Milkcrate which hooks in with the vinyl database, syncs your collection automatically and lets you add to your stash via a barcode scan, but Android crate diggers don't even have a halfway decent app to check prices or whether or not an LP is a bootleg. And no, searching for stuff on Amazon isn't a valid substitute -- especially not for albums that are either rare or out of print. The iOS app is in closed beta starting tomorrow, and it builds upon the work that Milkcrate's done, while the Android beta tentatively launches in October.

Currently, buying stuff will redirect you to the mobile website, but Discogs' aim for this was to just get the application out as fast as possible and add more features later based on feedback. The site hopes to officially launch it early next year and is leaning pretty heavily on its community for feature requests and the like. If you want in before your next black crack purchase, head over to tomorrow to sign up.

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