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'Dragon's Lair' hits Kickstarter in search of a feature-length movie


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That Dragon's Lair debuted as a LaserDisc format game/interactive movie but was never a proper film was always a little weird, but that could change. Original creators Don Bluth (An American Tale and The Land Before Time -- not Arrested Development) and Gary Goldman are taking their cinematic aspirations to Kickstarter in the hopes that you'd want to see protagonist Dirk the Daring once more. Dragon's Lair: The Movie will be a prequel this time 'round and fill in the bumbling knight's backstory. The idea here is that if the $550,000 goal's met, the team at Don Bluth Films, Inc. can make a fleshed out teaser presentation to show investors that a feature-length flick is worth pursuing to the tune of the proposed $70 million budget.

So far, over 450 folks have put their money where their mouths are, pledging $43,018 as of this writing. Minimum buy-in is $15 and snags you a pair of digital postcards and a personalized thank you from the aforementioned duo, while getting crazy and promising $10,000 nets you full-size Giclee backgrounds from the original game and dinner with Bluth and Goldman. More reasonable (but still expensive) reward tiers include admission to an animation class lead by Bluth, production maquettes and storyboards. Let's hope that for Princess Daphne's sake, if the project's funded that Bluth and Co. can afford to turn the heat up in the castle a bit.

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