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YouTube VR and casting features are coming to Oculus Go

The starter VR headset just became more compelling.

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Brian Oh/Engadget

Your Oculus Go is about to become much more useful for immersive viewing sessions. Oculus has revealed that YouTube VR is coming to its entry-level headset, giving you a chance to watch 800,000 360-degree videos in your own virtual environment. It's not clear when you'll see it, but this is big news if you didn't want to get a Daydream headset just to watch YouTube clips.

You can also expect to show off what's happening on your own screen. The Oculus Go will soon have casting support that lets you broadcast what's happening to mobile devices and TVs. If your friends have always wondered what was going on inside that headgear, they won't have to guess for much longer. The feature should be available "as early as" October.

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