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April 9th 2012 6:47 pm

Thoughts on the Facebook/Instagram deal?

It seems like much of the internet is atwitter (pun... intended?) with thoughts about Facebook's purchase of social photography application, Instagram.

The CEOs of both companies assured users today that the deal has no negative implications for the service, but many seem skeptical.



What are your thoughts?

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I definitely don't blame the founders for taking the deal, and I think it makes strategic sense for Facebook, but I'm disappointed as an Instagram user because I don't trust Facebook to protect the interests of its users. I'm also disappointed that we'll never see how big Instagram could have gotten on its own and whether they could have built it into a proper business. But like I said, I don't think they made the wrong decision to take the money.
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I'm hoping Facebook will do something to make the desktop viewing experience of Instagram a little better. Now that they have more than 6 people on the team, they should take advantage of that and do some amazing stuff, granted Facebook is behind it.

Hopefully, they don't just add a "Login with Facebook " button or do anything to make the Instagram experience crappy. But maybe I'm being overly optimistic?
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