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82 March 9th 2012 10:46 am

The latest version of Apple's all-in-one desktop offers plenty of expandability through external connections — including a high-speed Thunderbolt port, which can power displays, hard-drives and other devices. The 21.5-inch version is a better value than the 27-inch iMac, and if you need more screen space, you can add a second monitor. It's the best choice for anyone who wants the ease and simplicity of an all-in-one computer, without sacrificing the ability to add upgrades over time.

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Engadget May 9, 2011

For ease of setup, aesthetic appeal, and overall performance and flexibility, the iMac is as hard to ignore as ever.

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PC Mag May 18, 2011

The newest iMac has a second-generation Intel Core processor and Thunderbolt. It's the fastest...all-in-one desktop PC, period.

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CNET May 11, 2011

Apple's $1,199 iMac doesn't offer the same home entertainment features as Windows-based all-in-ones, but its speed, looks, and the future utility of its Thunderbolt port make it a strong choice for performance-sensitive professionals.

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Macworld May 10, 2011

The $1199 entry-level 21.5-inch 2.5GHz Core i5 iMac offers the most bang for the buck, keeping up with its more expensive siblings in most tasks. Its drawbacks include the lowest capacity hard drive, slower 3D game performance at higher resolutions, and a lack of customization options.

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Computerworld Jul 1, 2011

Apple has delivered a solid update to what was already a popular and successful line. The Sandy Bridge chips add a speed boost, Thunderbolt offers the promise of peripheral heaven in a few months, and the iMac design itself remains current. It's equally at home in the boardroom or the living room.

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SlashGear May 13, 2011

It’s hard not to be charmed by the 2011 iMac’s combination of swift processors and capable graphics...This isn’t the all-in-one for buyers on a budget, and shopping around for regular desktops may find you equal or greater performance for your money, but the 2011 iMac is a polished update.

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T3 Nov 9, 2011

...the 2011 refresh represents a substantial leap forward for the iMac. Powerful new processors, outstanding graphics solutions and an innovative new Thunderbolt port make the new machines extremely good value for money, especially considering this particular model is...cheaper than its predecessor.

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TechRadar May 20, 2011

A massive performance boost means it actually rivals the power offered by the high-end 2010 iMac 27-inch SSD from the previous generation, and its new Thunderbolt port will prove its worth over time. It could use more configuration options...but overall, it's a superb update.

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Computer Shopper May 4, 2011

With serious speed improvements and the promising new Thunderbolt port, the 2011 iMac keeps an iron grip on its position as today's leading all-in-one PC.

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Expert Reviews Aug 25, 2011

It's a bit expensive, but this 21.5-inch iMac is powerful and fantastic to use - it's brilliant, if you're happy with the restrictions of Apple's design and software choices.

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Cpaz Cpaz

Bought it for everyday use on January (2014). Played some games, edited some video searched the web etc.. Worked well. Really well especially for the price I paid (600 euros). But changed to laptop when I got the chance.

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ThomasConnery ThomasConnery

Although it's still brand new, I couldn't be happier. I know that in time we will upgrade to 8GB of Ram and utilize external storage but this machine is VERY quiet, quick enough for our needs, and we really like the Apple software and OS capabilities. This is my second Apple computer purchase...

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