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84 May 16th 2014 2:56 pm

The latest MacBook Air keeps the line's winning formula for an ultra light notebook, just adding a slight bump in speed to keep it fresh. And while they didn't put in a Retina display, Apple did drop the price by $100, making sure the MacBook Air remains one of the best options out there for someone seeking a portable laptop that doesn't skimp on power.

The biggest change in this latest refresh is a new processor, but Wall Street Journal says they "didn't even notice a difference" between last year's model and this one. And while a bump in speed would normally mean a drop in battery life, Macworld notes the MacBook Air is "able to maintain its superior battery life." However, critics hoped for a little more from the screen -- it's not a Retina display like the one on the MacBook Pro, but PC Mag still says "the screen looks just as good as the last time we saw it."

So while the newest MacBook Air may not have a Retina display, it does have a slightly more powerful processor that doesn't ding the battery life, and it's $100 cheaper. The result is a compact, powerful and productive laptop that will suit many users' needs.

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Macworld May 6, 2014

The MacBook Air is a great portable system. Thin and light with long battery life, the MacBook Air’s inclusion of Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports also allow them to work respectably as a desktop system when at the office.

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PC Mag May 10, 2014

The latest 13-inch Apple MacBook Air updates one of the best ultraportables around making it faster and more powerful, while proving that some things don't need to change at all.

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Laptop Magazine May 19, 2014

A faster processor, even longer battery life and a lower price solidify the 13-inch MacBook Air as the best ultraportable laptop value.

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CNET Jun 27, 2014

If you own a MacBook Air from the past couple of years there's really no need to upgrade, but a small spec bump and minor price cut make the most-current Air even more attractive.

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The Wall Street Journal May 6, 2014

If you need a new laptop, this is the one to buy, especially with the $100 price cut. In fact, that's been my verdict on the Air for several years. I've never met a better laptop. And I've met a lot of laptops.

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TechRadar Apr 21, 2014

While it has yet to make the leap into Retina, this is still the laptop that the ultrabook aspires to, thanks to incredible battery life and AC Wi-Fi.

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AmunReify AmunReify

I'm so satisfied with this awesome device. It gives me all I need for my academic work. Light weight and an all day battery, what could I wish for more? Well a little bit more speed would be great thus I suffer from small lags sometimes. Also a Retina Display with a black edge to edge display...

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beanbagdan beanbagdan

I struggled with the concept of moving from a 750Gb MacBook unibody to a 256Gb MBA. No CD drive to burn music for the car, small hard drive meaning no more massive iTunes and iPhoto library space on board - or space for too many movies. I am still struggling with setting up my iTunes and iPhoto...

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