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by speedgeek

What's the best computer manufacturer?
A few years ago you guys had this great story about long term warranties for computer makers, and as a computer technician I've used it to make my case as to which manufacturer my clients should go with. It has been a few years and I'm sure things have changed a little. It would be great to see an update on these statistics.


by delicia

problem with HP Folio 13-2000 battery
The problem is that i have a HP Folio 13-2000 laptop whose 9 cell original hp battery which is few days more than 1 year has started to behave real awkward. When i put on the charger it charges the battery upto a certain level and then the battery led signal above keyboard starts to glow 4 times red and one time white and the status says under temporary failure mode. After I remove the charger and wait for 10 min approx the battery comes under normal condition. The main problem is this level... Read more →

by sudheer79

Increase RAM size in my laptop
My laptop is HP Pavilion entertainment PC, windows vista OS, Processor is Intel core 2 duo, CPU is T5800 @2.00GHZ 3 GB RAM, 320 GB Harddisk. I have installed windows 7 64 bit OS. I want to increase my laptop RAM to 6GB. Is it possible to increase my RAM size to 6 GB or 8 GB

by bober

Why is my laptop acting strange? Halp
It takes a long time to turn back on from sleep mode (about 5-10 min). The screen is black, but the buttons are lit and I can hear the fans. Eventually the welcome screen will come up and everything is normal from there. Computer is fast, no glitching,etc. Also, I should mention that my caps lock light and number lock light flash every 4 seconds. Maybe that has some importance. Thanks for helping

by LaidBackBay

Any recommendations for a good wireless printer/scanner/copier for grad students?
This is a long read. Feel free to respond to the title question without reading.
My wife and I got an HP Photosmart C4795 something or the other that was on sale at Best Buy 2 years ago. It's the one with the gold/bronze trim and it uses HP 60 ink. It has been a headache from week 1 but, we hesitate to get something else in the same price range to be disappointed again. We are both in grad school, and need to print out papers, journal articles, scan articles, and copy forms. I liked that the HP... Read more →

by foxmental

Can anyone help me find a laptop with these specs?
I'm looking for a laptop. But here's what I'm looking for:
These are a must:
at least 1 USB 3.0 port but must have at least 2 usb ports
An HDMI port (In and out if possible
touch screen (possibly a convertible laptop) and a camera (for video chat. i don't plan on sing this for photography. it looks stupid)
Can't be over 14 in in width, High-Res Display.
Optical drive not necessary. looking for a thin laptop.
Core i5 or i7 cpu, max out ram at 8 GB (can't sit pretty t 4 gb or ram)
1 gb... Read more →

by RohitK

Are There Any Decent Touchscreen Laptops Out There Yet?
I'm in the market for a new laptop after three years. Now I'm the kinda guy who doesn't mind spending a couple hundred dollars more right now to get something that seems like overkill at the present, so long as it keeps me chugging along at a decent pace for two or three years. Basically, I don't like to throw down money for a new gadget every year.
This brings me to my question: Are there any decent touchscreen laptops available these days? I ask because it's patently obvious that that's the... Read more →

by foxmental

Seeking a Windows 8 Convertible laptop! Intel based with 1280 Res.
I've been loving me test drive of windows 8. it's smoother than windows 7. But... All the features that make it really worth having are for a touch screen. I'm currently rocking a Toshiba satellite with a single core Celeron cpu. its a 15" in netbook. I love touch screens but i hate tablets. I'm looking for a convertible laptop. something like a Lenovo X220 or a dell latitude xt2 or a HP touchsmart tx2. But not as heavy as these 3. i like these because they have the power i want but unlike the... Read more →