March 17th 2010 4:59 pm

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benhyams benhyams

It feels a little silly to review the Pokéwalker as a standalone gadget. The whole point of it is to exist as an extension of the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, and in that regard it's a really nifty little gadget. As a standalone device, it sort of sucks, but it feels off to bash something...

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Dpmt Dpmt

This is a basic pedometer with a small LCD screen. The game rewards your steps with a currency called watts. You can spend watts looking for pokémon, items or transfer them to your paired DS cartridge to gain new routes to walk. Each route has diffrnet pokemon and items. For full use...

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hagridore hagridore

Fun extra for the Pokémon games it comes with. Should not be used for leveling Pokémon you want to use in battle - it won't build their stats.

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