June 21st 2009 8:40 pm

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Detailed review
The Wii starts off as a lot of fun. The bundled Wii Sports is a terrific title and really does a terrific job of showing off the motion control. However, the simple games of Wii Sports get old pretty quickly. Punch Out is pretty terrific as well.

However, most everything else seems like a miss. I found that the motion control either didn't translate well to traditional powerhouse titles like Mario and Zelda or at the very least didn't add anything to the experience.

When it launched the $250 price tag seemed like a pretty good value, but as Microsoft has lowered the price of the Xbox 360 that is no longer the case. Today the Wii should probably be priced closer to $99 from a value proposition. The graphics are retro- in a bad way- and the game library is lacking beyond the few hits. The lack of additional features such as Netflix streaming and media streaming don't help either.

This thing is a hit for Nintedo, but a meh for me.