May 21st 2013 8:41 am


by DanCooper

How would you change Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active?
Samsung’s bright idea with the Galaxy S4 Active was simple: Take a Galaxy S4, and shove it in a body that didn’t shy away from drops, dust and water. When our Sarah Silbert put the device through its paces, she found that the device was better-looking than your average rugged handset. There was, however, a “but” lurching around the corner, since the device had a weaker battery life, camera and... Read more →

by richardlai

What gadgets do you take with you while diving or swimming?
I'm going to Guam next week for a much needed holiday after the CES madness. It'll be my first time experiencing some clear seawater, so I'm hoping to do some basic diving or "seawalking."
Now, I'd like to see what kind of gadgets you guys use under seawater, mainly for photo and video capture. I'm asking as a total diving n00b plus occasional seawater swimmer. While there are some waterproof smartphones out there, I'd like to see if anyone's actually used them in seawater.
I know Huawei's... Read more →