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Graduation day is always tough on parents. So, you'll have to forgive the growing pains experienced by TheCorpora, whose six years in development labor of cybernetic love, Qbo, is now ready for mass consumption. To make this ever-evolving, endearing bot on wheels easily accessible, the team's divv...

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April 18, 2012 at 4:45PM
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Is consciousness programmable? Do robots feel? Would Kubrick have approved of Spielberg's handling of AI? While you wrap your mind around those conundrums, set aside a bit of free grey matter to soak in another Qbo milestone. When last we left the little bot, it was just coming to terms with its ...

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It's the future and we're still waiting for our personal jetpacks, but it looks like robot helpers in every home are closer than ever, with thecorpra's Qbo getting us ever closer. Okay, so without arms he's unlikely to be much of a help around the house, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't make a usef...

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