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While many companies are tinkering with lasers, ultrasound and even arm muscles for touchless gesture control on portable devices and desktop PCs, Japan's 16Lab just wants to put a pretty ring on you. The yet-to-be-named titanium wearable is designed by the award-winning Manabu Tago, and it featur...

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October 8, 2014 at 3:32PM
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At first glance it might seem that Alps Electric would actually just be happy to have you crash horrifically or mow down pedestrians while trying to fiddle with one of its steering wheel-mounted touchpads. Upon closer examination, however, it seems the Japanese-based Alps just loves tech, and is co...

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Printable OLED panels are hardly the rare occurrence they once were, but Alps Electric seems to think it's worked enough magic with its latest prototype to stand out from the pack, even if it may not wind up in actual product form anytime soon. The key bit with this one, it seems, is a so-called "...

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