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You say you want to play some classic retro games, but you want to do so in the most modern, fiscally irresponsible way possible? Analogue Interactive has just the thing. According to its lengthy, almost fetishistic feature list, the Analogue Nt is crafted from a single block of "6061 aluminum,"...

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May 5, 2014 at 6:45PM
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Analogue Interactive, purveyor of ridiculously cool (and expensive) Neo Geo hardware mods, has upped the ante with a new service that builds custom, new CMVS Slims out of your choice of domestic and exotic woods, dubbed Black Label. Consoles start at $1,300, and that's for one made with domestic wo...

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The Neo Geo was already a seemingly unattainable luxury -- and that was when it was made of plastic. Now, Analogue Interactive has turned this eternally high-end console into something even more fancy by encasing "Consolized" Neo Geo MVS arcade systems in beautiful walnut exteriors. The "C...

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