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Hey ladies. Let's have a bit of girl talk. Specifically, let's talk about boobs. Both you and I know that shopping for bras is a pain. They almost never fit perfectly, they're awkward to deal with and worst of all, they can be damned uncomfortable. Probably the worst culprit is the sports bra, as ...

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December 8, 2014 at 7:33PM
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Something tells us Disney wouldn't be too happy about this, but sometimes you just have to embrace reality. Triumph, a lingerie company, has created a set of color-changing brasiers, seemingly influenced by the box-office hit Frozen. The Close Sister Bras, as they're officially named, can instantl...

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The fine folks over at Instructables have posted some wild mods in their time, but the musical bra you see above inhabits its own realm in terms of weirdness and lack of usefulness... unless you really want a bra that makes music of course. The speaker is on the front, with a battery pack betwee...

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