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Just before the events of SOE Live actually got rolling, DC Universe Online's next DLC was announced. But that little bit of foreknowledge certainly didn't mean that folks had heard everything; it was, in fact, quite the opposite. Attendees were treated to an eye-ful and earful of Sons of Trigon go...

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August 6, 2013 at 2:30PM
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Last year, animator John Cimino turned down a cushy position at Zynga, pre-IPO, to work out of Chris Hecker's garage redesigning Hecker's ambitious, notorious indie game SpyParty. Cimino worked in secret since September 2011 to transform the primary colors and block-based skeletons of SpyParty's ch...

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You know you've got a surefire hit MMORPG on your hands when you're confident enough to put out a press release about a press release. NCsoft and ArenaNet have done just that by announcing that the Norn-flavored followup to the wildly successful Human Week is on its way. It doesn't start until...

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