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E-cigarettes may be a popular alternative to the traditional smoke sticks, despite contrasting opinions on how safe they are. Adding to the list of harmful effects, the American Thoracic Society published research at its annual conference that certain flavors used in vaping liquid may alter cells ...

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May 18, 2015 at 11:43AM
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Welcome, friends to the intersection of stories about silly words and stories about electronic cigarettes. Every year, Oxford Dictionaries chooses a single word that defines the world that we live in, and the word that defines 2014 is vape. The term fought off strong competition from bae, contactl...

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Smoking is bad for you. There! We said it right up front. There's no reasonable line of argument that can lead to any other conclusion: smoking kills lots of people, around 50 percent of its long term users. But with all that said, people love to smoke. Heck, I smoked for many, many years and I st...

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