Engadget Podcast 064 - 01.20.06

Randall Bennett
R. Bennett|01.20.06

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Engadget Podcast 064 - 01.20.06 image
Engadget Podcast 064 - 01.20.06 image

Podcast logoWe promised an all listener-voicemail Engadget Podcast, and that's exactly what you're gonna get this Friday, January 20th. Today's listener questions run the gamut of topics from BitTorrent and movie piracy to CableCard and (HD)TV on your computer, and we do our best to answer 'em with our usual brand of gadgety back-n-forth. If you haven't already blown us up at 1-888-ENGADGET to leave a voicemail, why not start now? Who knows, you may make it on next week's regular Podcast, or if we have enough callers we can always work another voicemail episode of the show. What's that number again? 1-888-ENGADGET.

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

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J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

46:48, 21.4 MB, MP3

01:23 What's the best way to use GMail Mobile?
05:20 Internet Downloads and sweet home theaters ruining theaters?
17:25 Do computer monitors support HD input?
20:56 Will Apple release another PDA?
27:10 Will they ever announce the Motorola Q?
31:58 Does the Nokia 770 support stereo Bluetooth profiles?
33:00 What's up with CableCard?
40:15 Why do cellphones interfere with so many electronic devices?


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