NYU shows its stuff at the Winter 2006 ITP

When hordes of folks gather 'round to show off various forms of gadgetry or design-influenced niceties, we can't help but stare, and while we weren't able to attend NYU's Winter 2006 ITP show like we were last year (and the year before), we were there in spirit, and now we're bringing you the pics. While there's far too much to cover here, a few highlights included the solar (iPod-charging) bikini, which gave the fellas an excellent excuse to gander at such a fanciful article of clothing, the "Botanicallss" plant that lets you know when it needs some lovin', a 3D display known only as the "Orb," and a MIDI-enabled guitar pick. Of course, the LED-infused stones that lit up differently based on arrangement, child-proof rendition of the iRocker music chair, and the motion-activated lamps were all showstoppers as well. So if you're craving a glimpse into the hereafter, be sure to hit the links below to see just how bright (and zany) the not-so-distant future is.

[Via MAKE]