Samsung shows off fuel cell dock with one month of laptop power

A beautiful, harmonious future of fuel cell power providing ample juice to our various portable devices just got one step closer, with Samsung announcing a largish laptop dock that can squeeze a whole month of power out of a single fuel cell cartridge. Samsung is parading the setup with a Q35 ultraportable, and while we're sure some laptops will up the power requirements and fall a bit short of that month, the new fuel cell is still quite impressive. Samsung claims the 650Wh/L energy density is roughly four times that of competing offerings, and that the noise level has been reduced to that of a normal notebook computer, which had apparently been a large obstacle to commercialization. Samsung is also prepping a mini version of the fuel cell which uses around a coffee cup's worth of fuel, but can still power a laptop for over 15 hours. Safety standards are still in the works for the new tech, but it looks like Samsung is rearing to go, and they're planning to launch this dock at the end of 2007.

[Via Akihabara]