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Kodak's V570 reviewed


Kodak just announced their V570 yesterday and PCMAG has already thrown-up the first review of this unique ultra-compact, dual-lens, five megapixel shooter. They found this "stylish" art-deco digicam to give up "great wide-angle shots" we expected from that second Schneider Kreuznach C-Variogon wide-angle lens. And while Kodak claims a 5x zoom, that's actually achieved via digital zoom on the 23mm fixed lens. The actual zoom lens is a 39mm to 117mm zoom which makes it a 3x optical zoom -- that's just sneaky. They found the bright 2.5-inch LCD to be "fairly readable" in bright light which could be a bit of a problem due the camera's lack of a glass viewfinder. The flash was also "weak" resulting in noise and only "average image quality" in flash shots. And while the V570 boots at a "speedy" 1.8 seconds with a "remarkable" 1.2 second reset between shots, they did, unfortunately find some shutter lag. Bottom line: they rate the camera as "very good for an ultracompact" giving it 3.5 out of 5.

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