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So, exactly what is Apple releasing tomorrow at MWSF?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We've been following the Apple rumors for months and weeks leading up to tomorrow's Macworld SF Jobs keynote, and now that CES is over, everybody and their mama's weighing in on what they think Jobs has got up his sleeve. Even the biggies had something to say like Reuters, who today vaguely pontificated that it could be updated laptop, mini, and/or Xserve lines, according to analysts. We've heard it all at this point -- color iPod shuffles, Intel iBooks, widescreen iBooks, a DVR / home-entertainment centric Mac mini, even Apple plasma HDTVs -- but we have a feeling the rumor mill isn't about to stop churning between now and when His Steveness gets up on stage, so we'll put it to you guys: what do you think Job's is going to launch tomorrow? Let the (conspiracy) theories begin.

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