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More deets, carrier info on the iPaq hw6900 series

Evan Blass

We got our mitts on the highly-anticipated iPaq hw69xx's internal HP spec sheet, and while we knew most of the deets already, we did spot a section listing the numbering scheme for the various carriers that will offer this phone. The Cingular-branded version will be known as the hw6925 with camera and hw6920 without, and Canada will get the hw6945 for Rogers with camera, hw6940 without. A few other tidbits that caught our eye were mentions of A2DP support (wireless headphones are even listed as an accessory) and a feature that automatically stamps each photo with the device's GPS coordinates. Overall, we're getting pretty excited for this Swiss Army Phone, and think we can get over minor annoyances like the square screen and lack of SD/SDIO.

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