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Panasonic expands D-Snap line with 6 new models

Marc Perton

In addition to making it easier to listen to your music at home and transfer it from discs, Panasonic also rolled out a pack of new SD-powered D-Snap models in Japan. The SD770V and SD710 are upgrades to existing models, basically upping the battery power of the earlier SD750V and SD700 models. The other units in the lineup are, let's just say, somewhat derivative of other models we've seen. The SD310 and SD370 (above left) are squarish players that look a lot like the Qoolqee X with an OLED display tacked on top (not that this is a bad look; we actually kind of like it), while the pendant-like SD570 and SD510 (above right) are dead ringers for the Asono Mica (which works for us as well, since these have much better specs than the Mica, and should be easier to come by as well). All players support MP3, AAC and WMA formats.

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