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Ask Engadget: block WiFi the right way

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's time once again, everyone for another round of Ask Engadget! This week we've got a special surprise -- the long sought after and fabled Ask Engadget email address. Ready for it? Send your questions to ask at engadget dawt com and we'll take it to the court of public opinion once weekly, as usual. Last time Nick B wanted to know what's up with digital camcorders, this week Brian C wants to know how to RF sheild WiFi:

My company uses WiFi to share internet throughout our small building, but there are literally dozens of other wifi signals around that are messing with ours, leading to flaky and unreliable connections. We've tried getting bigger antennae, which worked for a while, but now the problem is back. Does anyone know of a way to (legally) shield our building from other wifi signals so that we can connect to ours on peace?

Great question Brian, we've heard of a few solutions ourselves, but we'll let the voice of the masses take it away on this one.

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