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Panasonic's VDR-D300 DVD camcorder reviewed


If you're one of those taken-in by the convenience of direct-to-DVD camcorderin' then listen up! DigitalTrends has a review of the Panasonic VDR-D300 video camera which they call the "best DVD camcorder" they've ever tested. Those "superb" videos and "quite good" 3.1 megapixel stills were no doubt aided by the trio of CCDs the D300 packs, in addition to the Mega Optical Image Stabilization which adjusts the 10x Leica Dicomar lens to reduce jitter without impacting video quality. Wind noise was however, a problem as was the battery which didn't quite live-up to its 85 minute rating. And at close to $1000 MSRP, you'll have a tough choice between this and the Sony DCR-SR100 hard disk-based camcorder we saw reviewed yesterday for about the same outlay of green. Of course, you can always wait for the award winning JVC GZ-MG505 which promises 3CCDs and HDD recording for the best of both worlds.

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