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RCA releases EZ101 point-and-shoot digital camcorder

Evan Blass

Despite our initial skepticism of the disposable digital cameras and camcorders from Pure Digital, RCA likes what it sees in at least one of the company's products, as they've just released their own version of the Point & Shoot Video Camcorder. Like the P&SVC, RCA's EZ101 will also retail for $150, and features the same 30-minute recording capacity of 30fps, AVI-encoded video. You also get the same 1.5-inch LCD display that serves as viewfinder and preview screen, a USB port for direct file transfer to a PC -- no installation CD necessary -- and an A/V cable for TV playback. Even those without a PC can get in on the fun, as the EZ101 can be turned in for processing at any of Pure Digital's partner's 8,000 retail locations, where they'll dump your footage onto a DVD in under an hour.

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