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Take home MovieBeam for $80 less

Ryan Block, @ryan

Just as we were kind of wondering to ourselves if there would be enough (realistic) price cuts in the world to legitimize Disney's mildly maligned MovieBeam, they went and did what most device makers do when they've got a big launch followed by a lukewarm consumer response (and generally despondent product reviews). They shaved off $80 from the take-home price -- $50 from the MSRP down to $200 for the box, and also killed the $30 activation fee. The $2-3.00 SD movie prices and $3-4.00 HD movie prices are still pretty reasonable, truth be told, but you've still got to deal with their closed-platform DRMed rentals of questionable quality in watchability via datacasts offering a limited selection of content. Believe us, we want to like MovieBeam, but we're not sure falling prices can save a product that doesn't live up to expectations.

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