MovieBeam reviewed by Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal has taken a look at the revamped MovieBeam service and has found it to be, well, okay. Mossberg seems to really want to like the service, which does have convenience on its side, given that it doesn't require any trips to the video store, mailbox or torrent server. But the "limited selection" of flicks, which "omits many movies that are newly available on DVD" was something of a deal-breaker. Mossberg did like the service's UI, remote control and other features, but the lack of current films (and the lack of any Sony films, since the studio hasn't signed up to provide movies to the service) proved to be a major frustration, one that left Mossberg concluding that the best customers for the service would likely be "users who don't like the hassles of renting DVDs, and don't want to fool with their computers for downloading movies."

[Thanks, Carl B.]