MovieBeam reviewed: worst high-def picture quality, evah!

If Uncle Walt’s lukewarm review to the revamped MovieBeam service left you wanting a more, let's say, definitive reaction to Disney’s over-the-air movie download service then try this on for size. The good folks at HDBeat received an evaluation box and concluded that the picture quality was “the worst HD [they] had ever seen.” Ouch. Now, keep in mind that only 7 of the 100 pre-loaded movies are available in high-definition. Still, those flicks are so compressed that they suffer from some hardcore artifacts, even scenes that were completely still suffered blocking (just check out the cheek in that pic). The other problem noted was that an HDMI equipped HDTV was required to view HD content – if you’re sportin’ DVI then no love. But then after a review like this, you won’t be signing-up for picture quality now will you?