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PlusID by Privaris does biometric security on a fob

Stan Horaczek

If you, or your employees, are getting sick of carrying an ever-growing array of passwords and keycards, Privaris is hoping they have a solution for you. The plusID system uses biometrics to read your fingerprint --  not your face, brain or heart --  with fobs that communicate via RFID with many existing security systems, such as HID, Indala and Kantech. The plusID75, which begins shipping in August, is USB and Bluetooth compatible, uses a "tamper-resistant secure processor" that stores data right on the device rather than in a centralized database and will go about 1,000 uses before needing a recharge. A lower-end model, the plusID60, also appears to be available on the product page, lacking in the Bluetooth and one-time password implementation, presumably so it'll take up less budget space. Of course we'll still have our reservations about transmitting sensitive data with these, at least until we've heard some reviews -- or the CIA starts using them to get into their underground labs, or better yet, their guns.

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