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PlayStation 3 delay meme part IX: are the delays over?

Ryan Block, @ryan

About the last thing Sony wants at this point is to see yet another disappointed PlayStation 3 delay meme post here on Engadget, which is why it's heartening to hear -- however uncorroborated -- that Asustek (Sony's supposed component partner in manufacturing PlayStation 3 motherboards) is said to be shipping 200,000 units per month now, and is ramping up to as many as 2m in October in preparations for that November launch. We have to voice a little skepticism though. No, not about the source of the information, but the causes of the delays. Despite Sony's variety of problems developing the PS3, it was never the Cell or the console's innards that seems primarily responsible for the delays to date; the finger we must point, dear readers, is to that Blu-ray drive, which has plagued product after product. Still, we have no way of proving the validity of the information to begin with, nor figures on these units or Asustek's supposed ramp-up schedule, so anyone taking heed is apparently trusting the reportage of Chinese newspaper Commercial Times on this one.

[Thanks, CoreyTheGent]

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