Samsung Blu-ray player delayed until June?

Following the early burn to be first to announce product and title, yet another next-gen optical disc player seems on the verge of fessing-up to product delay. This time it’s the Samsung BD-P1000 from the Blu-Ray camp which, according to AVSForm, will ship on June 25, not May 23 -- just a smidge before Sony’s BDP-S1 ships. This according to a reptuable forum poster supposedly from Crutchfield. It’s not clear if this is a content issue like that plaguing HD-DVD or if this is due to that not-yet-final “copyright protection” which Sony blames for the PS3 delay. In fact, we can’t verify any of this. However one thing is for sure, it wouldn’t look good for Samsung to hit their targets ahead of Sony now would it?

[Via HD Beat]