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Phantom not quitting yet, game service delayed until 2007

Darren Murph

In a resurrection of not-so-epic proportions, Phantom has seemingly not thrown in the towel just yet, as its latest announcement has shown (delayed) signs of life. Just when Infinium Entertainment shed its old skin and dubbed itself Phantom, we all had such high hopes that it might actually deliver on some promises (like giving back their shareholders some money, for one), but we suppose this latest delay isn't such a letdown considering the company is probably recovering from whatever caused it to vanish last month. Although Phantom's ever-elusive Lapboard is still on track for a November release (ahem), it has announced that its gaming service won't see any action until March 2007 "as part of a licensing and recoding effort" -- apparently its CEO is hoping the setback will give Phantom time to license its goods vaporware to "well-established PC and HTPC manufacturers." Whatever the case, we're just overrun with elation (ha) to hear that Phantom is alive and kicking, and be sure stay tuned for more late-breaking delays that are practically guaranteed to hit sometime before next March, or your money back.

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