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LG C1 Tablet PC spotted in the wild?

Cyrus Farivar

LG last wowed us with its ever-so-delicious Chocolate phone (and then that newer Black Sapphire), but for you folks of the PC persuasion who've been feeling a little left out, we've got something to whet your appetite too. We've just been alerted to the new LG C1 tablet PC, spotted in the jungles of the internet -- and no, it's not that other C1. Details are skimpy for now, but TabletPCReview is saying -- unconfirmed of course -- that she'll be packin' an Intel Core Duo proc along with a nVIDIA graphics card, as well as a free pack of Pall Malls with every purchase. If from the photos you're thinking the C1's case looks an awful lot like the LG T1, well, you read our minds exactly. Furthermore, we can spot a SIM card door on the underside (see pic after the break) so you can get your EDGE on -- you know, for those few remote outposts left in the world that haven't discovered WiFi yet. Naturally, though, we'd love to be totally blown away with some HSDPA action instead of that weak sauce EDGE, but hey, that's what expansion slots are for.


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