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LicketyShip's four hour gadget delivery service goes live

Darren Murph

We've all had those moments where we needed (read: wanted) something, and we needed it fast. For those who just can't get enough instant gratification in their lives, there's a new gadget delivery service aimed squarely at you. After two years of running through hoops in order to get everything sufficiently established, LicketyShip is hitting the streets (literally) and burning down the highways to get you whatever gizmo your heart desires (so long as it's stocked) within four hours of ordering. Due to nifty inventory-monitoring software and sweet hookups with local carriers, the company can probably get your kit to you before you'd make it down the 101 yourself. For now, however, the service is restricted to the San Francisco Bay Area, and there's no night owl routes running just yet either -- but if business goes as planned, and enough Bay Area folks shell out the $19.99 (and way up, we presume) required for such zippy services, the four-hour rule will reportedly go into effect from coast to coast.

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