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T-Mobile on the cusp of an image overhaul?

Chris Ziegler

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We're putting this story together piecemeal, but we've collected enough intelligence at this point to venture a guess that T-Mobile will be launching a moderate rebranding effort in the next month or so. Headlining the evidence is, of course, news that they'll be dropping (or significantly scaling back) use of Catherine Zeta-Jones as their spokesperson. Exhibit B, then, is the almost Skype-like font seen on the shot of T-Mobile's spec sheet for the upcoming Motorola V3t, which looks distinctly unlike anything they're presently using. Finally, we've heard rumblings that their well-known slogan, "Get More," will be getting the boot before too long. All this comes at a time when T-Mobile's stealing a good deal of the American carrier spotlight, what with their impending launch of the hotly-anticipated Dash and UMA service; that's all well and good, but more importantly, who's going to replace Catherine?

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