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Joystiq: now entirely legible on your mobile device


Whether it's a testament to the marvels of communication technology or a frightening demonstration of the internet's ability to find you on a train, a special version of Joystiq can now be effortlessly accessed from your cellular telephones, your pocket computers and your dark electronic fruit. With a clear layout and a shunning of gigantic images, the more minute Joystiq will keep you updated on the gaming industry when you're on the move and your DS Lite batteries have died.

The folks at Engadget assure us that it works on both Pocket IE and Blazer and that the site should automatically detect your device before redirecting you to Joystiq for Mobile. However, PSP users may have to enter the site's address manually:

There are still a couple of bugs to be quashed, so if you see anything peculiar scurrying about on your phone, be sure to leave a comment. Our resulting foot stomp will be cruel and unforgiving.

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