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Kingston DataTraveler USB drives get Secure and, um, super-secure

Evan Blass

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When it comes to security on USB flash drives, you're looking for two things: protection against the elements and destructive kids or pets, as well as strong encryption so all your incriminating files stay locked down. Well Kingston's got you covered on both fronts with the latest additions to its line of DataTraveler drives -- the DataTraveler Secure and DataTraveler Secure: Privacy Edition -- which both sport titanium-coated stainless steel cases that make them waterproof down to four-foot depths. The regular Secure model is targeted at small- and medium-size businesses, and features a "privacy zone" protected by 256-bit AES hardware encryption along with read / write speeds of 24MBps and 10MBps, respectively. With the Privacy Edition models -- meant for enterprise customers -- you're getting the same specs boosted by full drive AES encryption and a so-called "complex password protocol" that locks out the drive after ten malicious "attacks" or drunken mistypes on your part. You can pick up the DataTraveler Secure models immediately in sizes ranging from 512MB to 4GB ($33 to $244), while the same-size Privacy Edition units won't be available until January, giving Kingston time to decide how much they can jack up the prices for IT departments with bloated budgets.

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