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ViewSonic's ViewDock iPod-ready LCDs get real


The first time around we really didn't have a lot of info on these ViewDock thingamajigs from ViewSonic, but we didn't have a hard time imagining some standard functionality for an iPod dock with an LCD slapped on. For instance, such a device seems like it'd be a real natural at mirroring the iPod display -- be it video or menus -- which is even demonstrated in their original press photo of the unit. Turns out we couldn't have been more wrong. ViewSonic's new VX1945wm and VX2245wm LCDs mainly excel at eliminating a teensy bit of desk clutter, since if you want to watch the videos that are on your iPod, you'll need to play 'em in iTunes just like everybody else -- there's no direct video integration between the iPod and LCD. It does appear that the display's built-in speakers will pump your iPod's tunes directly, but our confidence is shaken even in that. Otherwise, the LCDs seem pretty nice, with 5ms response times each, a 1,440 x 900 resolution in the 19-incher, and a 1,680 x 1,050 res on the 22-inch model. Both displays appear to be available now, for $329 and $449 respectively. Keep reading for a closeup.

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